A [Quick] Explanation Of One Gamer's Love For Deep Storytelling

Due to the release of numerous great games in the recent years (and upcoming releases which seem promising), it is hard to bring them to the table and pick one aspect that stands out amongst the rest. Especially since gamers enjoy games for different reasons, some of which others might find unorthodox. » 6/24/13 2:49pm 6/24/13 2:49pm

Final Fantasy VI: The Praise, The Glory, The Confusion

With E3 being the monster that it was this year, throwing surprises left and right, i couldn't help but see a plethora of comments and article posts about people ranting how Final Fantasy VII still hasn't gotten a remake. Granted, i was expecting this to arise at one point or another. Everyone and their grandmothers… » 6/19/13 3:04pm 6/19/13 3:04pm

Why I Ask For Everyone's Opinion Before I Make A Purchase : The Tale of…

Yesterday, I asked a friend of mine to give me her opinion on why someone should buy a Wii U. I wanted to know the selling points for the system and why I should get one. I was obviously interested in the system since its launch day, but the lack of games really cut the value for me. After playing Injustice, which is… » 6/03/13 12:48pm 6/03/13 12:48pm